Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guess What I Did This Weekend ? :D

So this weekend was fantastic .
On Friday me and my sister , Jordan , thought we were going to help homeless people .
Uhhhm , WRONG !
We WERE the homeless people , aha .
We brought canned food for the homeless.
And we were the ones eating it.
Me , My sister , Eric , Mimi , Maria , Bri , Peter , and Shelby were a group of homeless teens for two days , and it was fun , emotional , hard , and brought us closer , all in two days.
I didn't know ANYONE there , except for my sister, but now I feel beyond close to these people , I feel like I've known them most of my life, and I could tell them everything.
Anyway , Friday started off by all of us setting up our little camp site thing.
We got two tarps,a few blankets, and thats it. We made it work though(:
We also made a fire , well , Eric made a fire , but still .
We opened cans of food with rocks. At least i think thats what we used. Teehee(:
We roasted vienna sausages over a fire , and they tasted horrible , I also ate potted meat. Never again!
We told eachother our life stories and got to know eachother. We laughed together, we cried together.
I told people I met the same day some of my biggest secrets , and it was one of the most relieving things ever.

Something else happened that night , something I NEVER thought would happen again.
I forgave god for making my mom leave me. I accepted jesus. I read a bible. I sang during worship.
And right now I already feel like a different person.
When we all went to bed that night me and jordan slept on a sheet in the sand,sharing a baby blanket.
By the way , it was freezing outside . And jordan kept taking the blanket, omfggg , it sucked!
The next day we helped at a warehouse organizing things people dotated to homeless people .
We also got identities of people who were homeless,(Mine was Rebecca), and we had to fill out job applications to see how hard it was to get a job.
It WAS really hard. I didnt know my social security number,my age,i had no address or number, i didnt even know my last name! Some of us even got asked if we ever thought about going to a mental institute.
Including Shelby , She's really only 17, but her new identity was like , 60 or something. So funny.
But all in all I learned alot. I respect what i have alot more. And I respect people on the streets, sometimes its not their fault, they just need a little boost, and they have feelings and deserve to be loved too.

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