Friday, May 20, 2011

Locked Out.

So , I was outside in the heat for the last 55 minutes of school.
I ride home on a hot bus.
And then I get home and i'm locked out.

I've been banging on the door for a good 23 minutes, because my step-moms home, but no answer. Nice. I guess its good that I have a computer to keep me occupied, but still.
I already haven't been in a good mood since 1:35 , its now 3:25.
I'm Hot , Hungry , Tired , Thirsty, My Butts Asleep, I needa pack because I'm going to my dads in like, i dont know how long, and im in a really bitchy mood.
i'm in such a bad mood im not even bothering to fix my grammar and spelling mistakes.
and to make matters worse, i just had to type this all again.
Today was great and then it sucked, fuuuck dude.
(Excuse my language to family readers!)
Well, Im out.

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