Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today I Realized A Very Important Thing.

Whats the important thing you ask?
It's that I can sometimes be a horrible person.
Anyone can die at any moment, and sometimes right before they do someone says something so horrible to them, and makes them the most unhappy person in the world.
Everyone deserves to be happy before they die, so starting today I'm going to be a better person, and maybe even apologize to people I know I've recently hurt. Which may be hard because I've been mean to alot of people lately.
Have you seen that show...My Name Is Earl? Yeah, Maybe I should do that.(:

Another thing I realized recently: Joey Greene was the best boyfriend I have EVER had. And I was TERRIBLE to him in the end. So Joey, I'll start my being a better person with you, and since you won't talk to me, I'm making this public; I'm Sorry. I'm more than sorry actually, I don't know what the word is. But I mean it with all my heart. I'm sorry for getting fucking up and getting grounded. I'm sorry for believing everyone over you about the cheating thing. I'm sorry for breaking up with you how I did, it was fucked. I'm sorry for saying rude things about you, && to you. And over all I'm sorry for lying to you. It was one lie, but it was a big one. I actually was IN love with you Joey. I was so afraid to admit it. And I haven't told anyone except for now. I'm sorry for sinking so low to tell you I was never in love with you when I was, just because I was pissed off. I'm sorry. I don't know how to put the honesty in those word so you believe them, but I am BEYOND sorry. You were the only guy I could ever be myself around, the only guy who loved me for who I was, no matter what, The only guy who felt right. In all honesty I can say I wish me and you were still together. In all honesty I can say I fucked up. In all honesty, I can say I miss you.

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  1. That was really heartfelt and I think it'd mean a lot to him if you told it to him face to face. I don't know your history with him but if he means so much to you it would be a shame not to be friends again at least.