Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh , That Amazing Smile .

So , Theres this boy . This boy is someone I barely knew , but instantly I knew he was someone I would need in my life. My goal when I started my school ? Get him. Mission accomplished. But then I lost him , I dont know why, or how. But I really want him back, I miss him alot. How could you miss someone so much when you see them multiple times in one day? Ohh. I think its his smile, it gets me everytime.

Ughh. I always fall for his type too. You know, the bad boys&&Skaters,they're usually my type. I love piercings,skinny jeans, long hair, those are the bestest things ever. But anyway , this kid I'm talking about, I'm gonna do my best to get him back. He's perfect in all honestly. But just maybe we're not supposed to work out. But then again, maybe third times a charm. I really should stop liking him. Maybe its more then like, I'm not even sure anymore. Ohh, Whatever. Hmph. Yeah. Its almost the end of the year,so next year I'm gonna try my hardest.

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