Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hmm , Finally!

Okay , SOOO . Ever since I made a Blogger I've been trying so hard to think about what to write about , and now finally I have so many ideas! So uh , Maybe I'll Just make more than one post today , Yeah?

First things first; I'm in a crappy mood. Have you ever had someone so close to you? Someone you tell everything and you THOUGHT they told you everything? And then one day you just find out they only tell you about half of anything, and you thought they went to you first and they didn't. You find out your one of the last people to know the big things. And then , you feel that bond you thought you guys had break , and it feels like it was all one big lie . Well , Thats how I feel right now . It sucks . But I guess I'm used to it , So Whatever .

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